Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy First Day of Spring 2016!!!

I was up late last night trying to get a layout started for the challenge I am participating in and trying to use up a lot of stash of flowers and leaves. I have a lot of Maggie Holmes embellishments and I am trying to use them up instead of hanging on to them. This is a layout of my grandmother, Wilma, who was quite the fashionable and forward of women back in the roaring 20's. She married a man on a dare, never lived with him and either got a divorce or an annulment a few months after. She wore her hair in the style of the day with a spit curl in the middle of her forehead and had a dress that was a sheath to the hips with layers of fringe to the knee. Quite the Vamp!!!

Monday, January 25, 2016

My newest layout for our challenge for week 2. It was fun doing these old pictures of Stephen and I at Christmas. We always got costumes as part of our gifts...........loved them!!

dump 4

 photo IMGP8143 copy_zpsajhr8x8z.jpg photo IMGP8140 copy_zps9bg3ys6o.jpg photo IMGP8131 copy_zps5ihiijwh.jpg photo IMGP8130 copy_zpsgupgvnpk.jpg photo IMGP8126 copy_zpsfcir6vqi.jpg photo IMGP8121 copy_zpschsayqq9.jpg photo IMGP8116 copy_zpsrus1pwlg.jpg photo IMGP8115 copy_zpsiy9o7kaw.jpg photo IMGP8110 copy_zps2i2qnacw.jpg photo IMGP8106 copy_zpsmqsik5z7.jpg photo IMGP8090 copy_zpsr1htjzyx.jpg photo IMGP8081 copy_zpswpwrbzns.jpg photo IMGP8075 copy_zpsoipyuhnk.jpg photo IMGP8063 copy_zpsw7bh1wgb.jpg photo IMGP8054 copy_zpsgidwpc1t.jpg

dump 3

 photo IMGP8195 copy_zpsraeqa97x.jpg photo IMGP8196 copy_zpsfdqm2fs4.jpg

Content dump 2

here we go with more

 photo IMGP8214 copy_zpsl7zvdy32.jpg

 photo IMGP8205 copy_zpsnkcmgriy.jpg

Content dump

I am moving a bunch of pictures and layouts over here from photobucket since they are driving me crazy...can't deal with them anymore. Here goes....

 photo the higher the hair copy_zpso0cjn9ri.jpg photo kindergarten 1956 copy_zps84jqdyfz.jpg photo Shimelle Class 2 copy_zps9bpk9hwr.jpgnaive zealots photo naive zealots copy_zpsxn3tbw4t.jpg photo IMGP8226 copy_zpsygxqozbj.jpg photo 20150901_011457_zpszufwrc9j.jpg
 photo 20150831_111454_zpsed2rrqo3.jpg

Testing the system and seeing if I remember how to do this!!!

I am trying to remember how to has been forever and with some stories I want them to be out here and not floating in my head. Also it needs to be a hosting site for my layouts so that I can share them more easily than from photobucket which is being awful. So here goes, lets see if this works!!

 photo layout 1 of 40 week challenge_zpsajljgpiw.jpg