Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Heart of Hurt

It has been a horrible week to say the least. I along with the nation mourn the death of the children (and adults) of Sandy Hook elementary. I have grandchildren of that age and it angers me that someone can have so little regard for the most precious among us and seek to do them harm. I am angered to the point of eating my emotions and then not being able to stomach anything because I have ulcer like symptoms. I don't know the answer but do know that we can't only talk about gun control without touching on mental health and other topics of culture and our acceptance of violence. Then to top it all off, Monday we received that family friends had been found dead, the result of murder/suicide. The husband killed his wife and a precious 13 year  old boy, the best friend of my granddaughter. When told of this horrific news, most people that knew them were not surprised with the manner of death, he had been depressed for years. What does this say about us, what if anything can we do if anything? It is for this reason that I haven't been able to blog much but I will go on in tribute to my grandchildren and post their beautiful faces on here. 

It was Aidens 8th birthday on the 13th and we celebrated at Chuckee Cheese on Saturday. The kids had a blast and it was fun for all of us. 

The birthday boy having a great time!!!

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