Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Light and the Lack Thereof...

Our house and gardens sit in 95 % shade. The only light consistently all day is where our shed sits, so to get a good picture is a feat in itself. I have one spot in my "sunroom" that has light coming in at various time of the day dependent on the calender and the weather and the luck of the Irish. I can get a good shot once a day if I am lucky. Going downstairs to make my way to the "sunroom" I spotted a shaft of daylight coming in the front door, and the heavens and the angels sang. So with the layout on the ceramic tile floor I finally got a good shot that doesn't require editing.

This being Halloween I will be going to Subway to get dinner.....cause don't ya know I have already been in the candy with a threesome of snack size twix. So I must be good and eat correctly tonight and close the house up, go dark, and hide because I didn't buy any of the aforementioned candy to tempt me.  Have a great Halloween everyone!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday is now Digi-day

Several years ago I started doing digital scrapbooking at I really loved it but it went by the wayside just as paper and glue scrapping had done. I felt burned out and had no time. I was going through all the images I had on my external harddrive and found this file of web ready pages from several years ago. So on Sundays I will be posting digi-pages from my files. These today are pictures I took from around town. I love how we have a town square and the merchants always have such lovely flowers planted to enhance their storefronts. 

Every fall there is a festival on the square complete with a farmers market, parade and a re-enactment of Jesse James and his gang robbing the bank on the corner. Quite cool! Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Forgetting to eat....WHAT!

This morning I picked up where I left off last night scrapping a new layout. I was so engrossed with the process I didn't feel hunger until 2:40 pm..........whats up with that!  I should do that more for my weight loss program, in fact I may insist that Weight Watchers add this to the program...hobby weight loss help. I don't know if I used up any points in using scissors, inking, or cutting images from my silhouette but at least I didn't consume any!

This page is interactive. The viewer must pull the arrow above the 1st picture to read journaling and then they must lift up the other 2 pictures to see what is under them. I love this line of papers from Echo Park called Everyday Eclectic. I am loving more and more aqua, turquoise, teal colors and want to find a way to incorporate it in more layouts, home decor and in my clothing.

Now it is time to go clean and re-arrange the living room so that when my hubby and son get home they won't know where they are. Oh yeah, they are used to that now.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Running behind....time slips by

It has been a busy week so far and I love when it gets that way. What I don't like is when I oversleep because the alarm doesn't work. I was late getting to my daughters so I could watch my grandson. Luckily she made it to work only one minute late. There is something about getting off on the wrong foot that sets the tone for the day. I just felt as if time was slipping through my fingers faster than I wanted.

I have another layout to share from my class. I love that I could incorporate a Silhouette cut from Kerri Bradford. It looks much like a patchwork quilt.  Lily was 5 in this picture and forgive me Lily but this paper I used is some older paper from the Scenic Route ( they are no longer in business ) Sonoma line that I love but have never used. It had lots of pink in it but I think it is pretty.

Well off to babysit and luckily I am running on time.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Having fun scrapping again!

I have joined an online class, Remix, at This class has really inspired me to start scrapping again in a big way. The first layout is of Aiden when he was 2 around Easter time. I used a trio of main colors for a bright and fun layout. I love how this came together. The second layout is totally different and was scraplifted from MichelleS. She has a layout on the class gallery that I totally stole from. I have never done this kind of scrapping before and I am hooked! I can see how this will really be my go to style for those one photo opportunities.

Have a great day and I will be back with more to show you!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Stuck in Limbo

So here I am, back at blogger, stuck in limbo, and trying to figure it all out. I tried to work with wordpress but it was much to difficult and the blogging class I am taking is really geared to blogger. So I am back but with a problem.....I can't import because of a server error! Really! So I may be starting over and trying to recover at a later date. On a positive note I should be blogging on a more regular basis. I will be following along in my class and hopefully will be gaining some insight on how to do this better. I am going to try to leave at least one picture with a post because just text can be boring. So here is a picture of my granddaughter Mia, from a layout done in a Jessica Sprague class.Please excuse the lighting....we don't have any direct sunlight in our home we have dense shade.