Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Light and the Lack Thereof...

Our house and gardens sit in 95 % shade. The only light consistently all day is where our shed sits, so to get a good picture is a feat in itself. I have one spot in my "sunroom" that has light coming in at various time of the day dependent on the calender and the weather and the luck of the Irish. I can get a good shot once a day if I am lucky. Going downstairs to make my way to the "sunroom" I spotted a shaft of daylight coming in the front door, and the heavens and the angels sang. So with the layout on the ceramic tile floor I finally got a good shot that doesn't require editing.

This being Halloween I will be going to Subway to get dinner.....cause don't ya know I have already been in the candy with a threesome of snack size twix. So I must be good and eat correctly tonight and close the house up, go dark, and hide because I didn't buy any of the aforementioned candy to tempt me.  Have a great Halloween everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous layout! Love the layers and the textures. What an adorable photo!