Saturday, September 21, 2013

This one is for Tammy

I just read Tammy's blog and I understand losing your mojo. Luckily I have some scrappy friends at my new hangout that have inspired me along the way. We had a "class" that Janet ( cherrypicker) organized that was from the 6x6 class that Scrapbook Generation designed. We did the layouts together and it was so much fun.

I also joined a kit club and it seems the new supplies and the new pack of pictures really get me in the mood to scrap. I love and love how they put their kits together, especially the great value for the money.

Next I look at Pinterest.....or get lost there depending on your frame of reference. I found a layout that I pinned ( along with a whole bunch more) from a scrapper named Monica ( could be spelled Monika) and loved the whole thing so I scraplifted it.

I love how this turned out and it was so much fun to do. I love the paper that is in this from MME Cut & Paste Flair collection. The Maggie Holmes Flea Market embellishments are really cute ( Love, the ticket, and the number 8).

So Tammy, go to Pinterest, find an unusual layout and go to town girl!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

It is time to change my hair style and color. I get bored easily so I often change my look to suit my mood. I did this a lot when I was in beauty school always volunteering for the weekly color class. I have been every color under the sun and then some. So here are some choices that I went through last night. Some feature necklines that I like, some feature movement and personality and all of them are the contenders.

love this neckline

love how the bangs and top are swept up and away with some volume

love the neckline and the overall look of this style, very cute!

love this style too....very cute and the movement around the face is lovely!

love the asymetrical look this one has and think it will look best on me.

love the way this is swept away from the face even though it is a bit long for me

These two are adorable and show what I would eventually like to happen with my hair, the sides just aren't long enough yet.

Another one featuring swept off the face styles.....all in all it is a difficult decision to make and one that I want to make quickly cause I am getting the bug to get it done. I know that it grows back but mine takes so long to grow back. I think I am leaning toward the 5th one with the neckline on the first picture. Now I am off to find the color and see if it is what I am envisioning or if I am going to have to get new color. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!!!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Speaking of Heritage Photos.....

I have a dauggertype of my great grandmother F. Cornelia Carter that my dad had in his possessions and couldn't find. Luckily, after he passed, my brother, Duane, found it and gave it to me. I finally got it scanned so that I could see her face more clearly with my poor old tired eyes. I need to do a little more tweaking in Photoshop to get it a little lighter but for now I can finally see her face. It is exciting to know that this woman whos very existence was only known from the copy of her marriage license now has a face and luckily I have a couple of locks of her hair braided. She had a very light brown/dark blonde hair and I imagine blue eyes ( almost all of the Buchanans had blue eyes except me and Stephen). For having lived only 21 years.....she made a big impact on me and my quest to find out more about my family.

Her name is F. Cornelia Carter and my grandfather Leether Lee Buchanan is on her lap. She was pregnant and it was in childbirth that she lost her life as well as one of the twins immediately and then the other either 3 min., 3 hrs., or 3 days later.  Leether was brought up by his father Rev. James Ephrim Lee Buchanan a circuit riding Methodist Minister and his maiden aunt Permilla Catherine Buchanan.

I want to scrap this picture so that it can be preserved in an album and I can put the dauggertype away so that it can be passed on to others to have. I just have to find papers worthy of this photo...ones that are soft and do justice to the age of the picture.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Heritage pages and the beginning of Summer.

It is nearly the end of June and summer is upon us with all the hot weather and general yuckiness that goes along with it. It is not my favorite weather wise for sure because I seek refuge in the house not venturing out often. I would be happy with a year round spring/fall temperature.

I have been scrapping heritage photos lately. I have a huge box of pictures and decided to scrap the originals of these. I can't see reproducing these to scrap when I want to find a way to lessen the shear volume of pictures.

The first layout is one I did celebrating my love of dance. I used to take dance lessons and it is what I lived for on a Saturday morning. When I was not yet 4 we went on vacation to California and stayed with my Uncle Don, Aunt Julie, and cousins Scott and Mindy. We went to Disneyland, the beach and played with all the neighborhood children. In the b & w photos I am attempting to teach them all to dance but I first needed them to line up. I was little miss bossy pants and not successful. The only way they lined up was my mother asking them to so she could take a picture. The color photo is of me right before my recital. My mother sewed all my costumes and sewed on by hand each sequin one at a time. Very tedious work but really pretty.

The next layout is one of me in 1951, just a few weeks old. We spent our summers in the back yard under the huge shade tree in my grandmothers back yard. It was in the garden filled with lilacs, peonies, roses, daylilies, iris, and petunias. The eclectic mix of metal, wood, and wicker made a charming and magical place they and later me could escape the heat with a glass of ice tea or lemonade. They moved from that house when I was 8 or 9 and I missed the garden but know that it helped to fuel my love of gardening.

Have a great summer and stay cool!! I will be inside scrapping away and trying to get the heritage photos under control.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Missing in Action

I have been missing because of lots of craziness in my life the last month. Luckily I think it has come to an end and we can move on.

I have been busy creating layouts to use in black shadow box frames for the wall you face as you enter my home. I have a shelf that will go below the 4 picture grid that will be painted black also. The layouts are not matchy-matchy but coordinate in color and feel. Of course it helps that they are of the most adorable, loving, smart and charming grandchildren that anyone could ever want.

I based some of them on sketches from sketchabilities .

This sketch has resulted in this layout of my oldest granddaughter Lily

The hand stitching ( just too lazy to go get my sewing machine) layering of the hearts, enamel dots and rhinestones are some of my favorites.

Then I did a layout for Amelia that incorporates her more girly side with bows and enamel dots.

The day before I did some layouts of the grandsons. Aidens layout is also based on a sketch from sketchabilities.

The numbers down the left side were done using a foam stamp that I purchased more than 5 years ago from QVC from Lisa Bearnsen. I did not get rid of them in my purge because the images are timeless and the icons won' t go out of style. The wood veneer, brads, flair and enamel dots make me very happy.

Last but not least is Logans layout. It expresses what this kid is all about. From the old fashioned bicycle on the paper and the bicycle wood veneer to represent his constant on the move status, this kid moves through this world fearless.

I love working with the wood veneer from Trees to Treasure. I love that I can order the veneers I want for a custom order.

I have a lot more I want to scrap and photos to take. What I love about this hobby is the encouragement I receive from fellow scrappers on message boards and facebook and pinterest. It makes sharing a hobby globally such an awesome thing.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Lots of stuff goin' on!

It is amazing to me how  much we have going on and yet not so much? I know that doesn't make sense of course. I have been getting all kinds of goodies in the mail and from UPS. Painting rooms or at least that was the plan before the rain and cold weather. I am trying to spruce up the house and mother nature is not co-operating with me at all. I did get a dresser painted and it looks beautiful if I do say so myself. I saw a dresser on the cover of HGTV magazine and loved it and the color so I went to my local Lowes and picked a paint and a spray paint for the hardware and spent the day doing this. And as we know it took forever to dry.....rainy day.

Then we had the excitement of the neighbors house on fire.....crazy! At least I can say this for the Liberty Fire Dept., they all show up and do an excellent job of controlling the situation. Luckily for the neighbors it was contained in the garage and didn't spread any further than needing to replace some siding and the inside ceiling of the garage. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

I am getting Smart!

I ordered my first ever Smart phone today from HSN (cheaper) which is a Samsung Galaxy Sll 4G

Then I hopped on eBay and bought a couple of cases for luck I would drop it coming out of the box!

This case is going to be for Spring and Summer because I love the white background and we all remember the old white after Labor Day.

This will be my Fall and Winter case. If you notice I seem to be harkening back to the 60's with 21st century technology! Of course pink is in the mix and the only thing to make this better would be if they made these in aqua!

I also have a few photos to share of my granddaughter, Mia's first Holy Communion.

Mia being given communion by her Papa who was an ordained deacon ( he still is just retired from it).

Monsigneur Mancuso asking Mia questions, Mia by the Crucifix, Mia by the Blessed Virgin, talking to her best buddy, Sister Vicki, and her cake at the reception. We had a great time and were blessed that Mia's great-Aunt, Carol, was in town from Texas and played the piano and sang. She has such a beautiful voice (studied Opera) and is the Liturgical Minister of Music at her church. Mia's great-Aunt Eileen was there from St. Louis, her great-Uncle Patrick and his new bride Lisa another great-Aunt came to be with us also. They live nearby and had a wonderful wedding and reception just about 6 weeks ago. We had the mass and communion at Our Lady of Mercy Country Manor, a retirement community, where John's parents lived. This was planned while John's mother was still alive but sadly she passed a few months ago. The people at the Manor are like family and Mia has visited with everyone since she was a baby. It just made sense. We have had a wedding, 2 baptisims, and now a 1st Holy Communion there and the residents like celebrating with us. Everyone was in town for the inurnment of his mother the day before so those that could stayed and celebrated with us. Mia's cousin James had his 1st communion at another church in town and her great-Aunt Peggy was there (James is her grandson) but joined all of us at lunch after the reception at Brava restaurant. My daughters Jennifer and Susie took care of the reception and it was lovely. They are such a good bunch, how did I get so lucky! I got a picture of the 3 of them together, Samantha, Jennifer, and Susie with their heads together over the cake. I wish I would have gotten a picture of them all together!

Have a great week and eat cake!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cloudy Skies, Remodeling and Slushies (a little scrapping thrown in too)

Grey days this week with predicted storms and rain so massive an Ark building might be underway, at least according to one local forecaster running the numbers. He was quick to predict rainfall of epic proportions equaling 32 inches in 4 days.....15.5 inches in one day alone. Now I have to slow down, take a deep breath and remember that this particular on-air personality is the brother of a well-known Congresswoman from MN. who herself is predisposed to exaggeration and doomsday predictions. So far, looking out my window, we have had sprinkles with 1 more day left for the predicted deluge. So, on to more uplifting and inspiring topics.

My daughter posted a slushie recipe from Pinterest that was frozen fruit and diet 7-up.....I must report that it is excellent and will go a long way to help curb my sweet tooth. That sweet tooth was cultivated the moment I was born. My Mother told me that she would make my formula from a recipe that included Karo Syrup, sugar in a bottle.

Then if this wasn't bad enough, my pediatrician, Dr. Shore, would offer a sucker on a safety stick at the end of the visit. My first taste was at 6 weeks.

Is it any wonder that I am addicted to sugar and it is my one nemisis in my quest to lose weight. Then add to the equation, butter or lard and flour and deep fried oil and I am putty in the weight gods hands.

So, I will take any manner of recipe and suggestion to help me replace all of the sugary substances in my life. I have gone cold turkey at one time when my Mother put me on a diet so that I could lose the chunky weight I put on at the age of 12. Poor mom didn't understand that what I was gaining was due to my ever changing hormones and not the food I was eating. I had 2 of my children that went through the same thing. There growth cycle was very visible to everyone, the would put on a few pounds and then spurt up a couple of inches, going from wider to taller all through puberty. So the battle rages and I WILL WIN!!!

We are going to be staying in our home so we are on a remodeling quest to keep it the way we want it and to forget about remodeling for resale. In other words I can use the colors I want. I am going to be painting my front door this week and I am trying out a few colors. I picked up the free sample of paint from Valspar called Tranquility in a satin finish. They had a coupon in some of the design magazines and luckily I could get 2. I think this might be the color for my door. I have had a lot of inspiration:

I love this color of door and how it plays off the grey of the stone. My house is that color of grey. My other choice is:

I love the color combination of grey and yellow with touches of black and white, it is very elegant and uplifting at the same time. Imagine this door with spring daffodils in among the foundation plantings with pink azaleas later in the season.

I scrapped another layout this week using a closeout collection from Authentique which had a beach theme but that I wanted to use for these pictures of my grandsons. Love the pictures of them and their relationship.

Have a great week everyone! Stay dry and run for the Ark if you see a need.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

It has been a while or late to the party

It has been a while since I last made a post and I must say that we have been sick around here. Thankfully the sickness is gone and I am still awaiting the presence of Spring.....she too is late!

I am trying to get my Project Life up to date and I really am not too far behind. I seem to agonize over a smaller canvas to work on. I find tags, cards and PL to be my nemisis for some reason. Give me a 12 x 12 and I can rock it but freeze up on a smaller area. I am still debating whether or not I want to continue on in a kit club or not. I am finding that if I just limit myself to the items in the kit that it is stifling my creativity but when I give myself permission to add from my stash I am a much happier person.

I have 4 layouts to share 2 are new and using some of the supplies from the last 2 months kit clubs and the other 2 are UFO's ( unfinished objects) that I have updated with embellishments and of course photos that are more recent. It was really fun updating the UFO's and I also realized that I love doing 2 page spreads occassionally. I will make it a point to do them more often.

First up is a layout done with the March kit from It is a layout for Amelia's First Holy Communion and I am just waiting for the professional photo to complete it but I will show it to you now and then when I get the picture I will repost.

The next layout is of Mia and Lily on a shopping expedition and lunch. They loved shopping for clothes and sunglasses. What a cute picture of them both. This is using some of the April kit with the Maggie Holmes die cuts and background paper. The paper strip that is matting the photo is from the March Kit with the Dear Lizzy collection. I also used several strips of washi tape and a flair badge along with my own crocheted heart and bows made with my Cameo. Love how this one turned out.

Now we venture into the land of UFO's. These have been the bane of my existence since I knew they were there but chose to ignore them in a drawer somewhere buried. I will admit that I had a bigger stack of them but the papers were way outdated and really didn't appeal to me at all. I just trashed them. Sacralige to some but it had to be done. This first one is of all the grandkids and how they have changed over the years. I love this one even the cheesy 5 petal flowers with the brad centers. I added more embellishments to flesh it out some more.

This last one is of my son on his beloved Harley. It was originally intended by the designer to highlight her grandkids and I really thought about doing that but had these great pictures that would work well. I used wood veneer ( my now favorite go-to supply) in the stars and the motorcycle embellishment in the lower right corner.

So that is it for now, I am going to try to remeber to post a little more often and to keep a better record of what I create and what is going on in my world!! Have a great week!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Weight Control and trying to live the healthy life

I am a Weight Watcher and for the most part I follow the program without problem....and then sometimes I just need a donut! Imagine my surprise when I pulled up to the "altar of all things fried and sugary" in my twice yearly pilgrimage and found the dichotomy that is my life. I just had to go back and snap a picture for proof that I sometimes live in a parallel universe and sometimes for convience sake they live right next door to each other.

I went back today to check out the new Nutrition store. It was not what I imagined, it was an Herbal Life commercial come to life. It is upscale, trendy and hip in appearance. The clientel was younger....much younger ie. a young 20 something couple just returning from the slopes of Colorado to get their energy drinks and meal replacement smoothies. I was given a sample of the Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie and it didn't wow fact it had a gritty taste from the protein powder in it. So I took a pass on having them fix me one. I did try the mango aloe "shot" and had a peach green tea that I paid for. $2.50....kind of expensive for a 12 oz. tea! I did say that because I was getting over being sick this past week that my taste buds could be off but I would try them another time. I don't know if that will be the case, but at least I know it is there.

Now on to my weigh in tomorrow, hope I record a loss. I skipped a lot of food this week at the beginning but my appetite caught up with me midweek and needless to say not a lot of great choices were made. Too sick to cook, too tired to care. We will see!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring is here, or is it?

As I look out my window this morning I see the sun and it looks really wonderful outside, that is until I look at the temperature. What is up with the weather? They are calling for snow for the next 4 days in our's Spring.....someone didn't get the memo! I have pictures of my grandson, Logan, helping the guys take down a dead tree in their yard. They were too cute and I had to scrap them.

I used some wood veneer, how appropriate, from the company Trees to Treasure and loved how it turned out. I took my vintage paper ink and rubbed it on the tree to darken the tone somewhat, used the banner to place a name to the title, and the bird and word bubble veneer is from Micheals recollection brand. It is placed on the wood background paper. It worked well with the story and pictures.

Last Thursday, Mia was over to create her banner for her first Holy Communion in April. I took pictures of her working on her piece sewing. She loves learning new crafts and I love teaching her.

This is the finished banner, Mia sewed on the buttons, the grape stem and sewed on the leaf, she helped glue on the jewels on the chalice also. The wheat was difficult so I did that and then I had to paint the letters, Heidi Swapp ghost letters with pink nail polish. Worked well I think. Have a great week!