Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cloudy Skies, Remodeling and Slushies (a little scrapping thrown in too)

Grey days this week with predicted storms and rain so massive an Ark building might be underway, at least according to one local forecaster running the numbers. He was quick to predict rainfall of epic proportions equaling 32 inches in 4 days.....15.5 inches in one day alone. Now I have to slow down, take a deep breath and remember that this particular on-air personality is the brother of a well-known Congresswoman from MN. who herself is predisposed to exaggeration and doomsday predictions. So far, looking out my window, we have had sprinkles with 1 more day left for the predicted deluge. So, on to more uplifting and inspiring topics.

My daughter posted a slushie recipe from Pinterest that was frozen fruit and diet 7-up.....I must report that it is excellent and will go a long way to help curb my sweet tooth. That sweet tooth was cultivated the moment I was born. My Mother told me that she would make my formula from a recipe that included Karo Syrup, sugar in a bottle.

Then if this wasn't bad enough, my pediatrician, Dr. Shore, would offer a sucker on a safety stick at the end of the visit. My first taste was at 6 weeks.

Is it any wonder that I am addicted to sugar and it is my one nemisis in my quest to lose weight. Then add to the equation, butter or lard and flour and deep fried oil and I am putty in the weight gods hands.

So, I will take any manner of recipe and suggestion to help me replace all of the sugary substances in my life. I have gone cold turkey at one time when my Mother put me on a diet so that I could lose the chunky weight I put on at the age of 12. Poor mom didn't understand that what I was gaining was due to my ever changing hormones and not the food I was eating. I had 2 of my children that went through the same thing. There growth cycle was very visible to everyone, the would put on a few pounds and then spurt up a couple of inches, going from wider to taller all through puberty. So the battle rages and I WILL WIN!!!

We are going to be staying in our home so we are on a remodeling quest to keep it the way we want it and to forget about remodeling for resale. In other words I can use the colors I want. I am going to be painting my front door this week and I am trying out a few colors. I picked up the free sample of paint from Valspar called Tranquility in a satin finish. They had a coupon in some of the design magazines and luckily I could get 2. I think this might be the color for my door. I have had a lot of inspiration:

I love this color of door and how it plays off the grey of the stone. My house is that color of grey. My other choice is:

I love the color combination of grey and yellow with touches of black and white, it is very elegant and uplifting at the same time. Imagine this door with spring daffodils in among the foundation plantings with pink azaleas later in the season.

I scrapped another layout this week using a closeout collection from Authentique which had a beach theme but that I wanted to use for these pictures of my grandsons. Love the pictures of them and their relationship.

Have a great week everyone! Stay dry and run for the Ark if you see a need.

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  1. Did you decide on a door color - both choices are great! Love the layout, the papers don't look beachy but work great for a bath pic.