Monday, November 26, 2012

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner.....and a big ugly correction!

I was checking comments on here today and noticed I had a couple on yesterdays post. Imagine my surprise to find out that I was a winner from and I won a collection of my choice from Echo Park. I love that company and only have had the opportunity to scrap with Everyday Eclectic and the 6x6 pad of For the Record. I chose the full size collection of For the Record 2, Documented. I love the colors and the patterns of the paper. They are one of my new loves now that Scenic Route is no longer.

I also rose to the challenge to add to or redo a layout that just wasn't complete, or working for me, or in my case just plain butt ugly. This was a layout I did in class at my LSS several years back. I am a class junkie and signed up and paid for this class before seeing the layout. I couldn't stray from the layout (instructor was not having it) because of the precise placement of the eyelets. The hammering that went on in that store was enough to drive one to drink. This was before the tool from We Are Memory Keepers, the Crop-A-Dile. The amount of fiber on this layout would have knit a sweater for someone I am sure and I never liked it. I was from the "school" of once completed the layout went in the album never to be touched again. That is until  my Remix class. Shimelle gives us permission to tear it apart if need be, or to just add a small touch or two to an otherwise lovely layout. Mine was UGLY!!! So tear it up I did. Here are pictures of both versions.

I did this layout with scraps and the background paper is from Pink Paislees Portfolio and the cream and grey dot is from Heidi Swapp. I love how this turned out and we could finally see the Prom pictures that got lost in all that fiber and metal washers. I stuck with colors that gave a nod to the school colors of black and gold. The kids in the pictures represent exactly half of the graduating class of '01. Ridgeway is a small school north of here near the Iowa border. I am happy with the layout!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fat and Sassy!

I am stuffed from the 2 Thanksgiving dinners we have had since Thursday. We cooked one here for our family of 3 because I like having leftovers. Then we had our family Thanksgiving at Jennifer and Jamies house. As usual, it was amazing and I am very Thankful to my daughter for doing all the work for this (with Jamie doing the grocery run). It was lovely to have my brother, Duane, and his wife Michelle and the kids, Dallas, Bret, and Anna Rose along with my mom Juanita to round out the group. I always say the more the merrier and so we had Susie, Jaret, Aiden and Logan; Samantha, Richard, Amelia, Johnnie and his girlfriend Brittany. Oh and not to forget we had Brets girlfriend Savannah. It was a noisy household sharing love, good company and great food!

It is Digi-Sunday again and I wanted to get a few of the layouts posted. I have some from my Remix class to post and I am looking forward to taking Journal Your Christmas on

This page is about the Christmas there were two Barbie Cars in my Living Room from Santa, one for Amelia and one for Hope. It was a crazy Christmas with Santa doing a great job as always.

I love this one of the kids and thought this would make a wonderful page. I like doing digital but I still have the first love of paper and glue.

These pictures are of my visits to Santa and my reactions to what was under the tree. I love these photos and the memories they bring back. I was lucky to live during a time of amazing animated window displays, Santa wonderlands, Christmas trains to ride through a magical place to see the fairy princess at Klines and the beautiful lighted crowns that hung above the streets of downtown Kansas City.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Missing in Action

Well it has been almost a week since posting and I have no excuse except life happened. I was busy scrapping for my Remix class and couldn't take pictures. My camera went hunting with my husband and son. I still don't understand how you can hunt and take a picture at the same time but it didn't happen. Apparently the deer heard through the grapevine that they were coming and they took off to parts unknown. The only action they saw was cramping in their bodies everytime they moved in their sleeping bags on the GROUND. Now my hubby is no spring chicken so what thought process did he go through thinking that he would remotely get away with sleeping on the cold ground. Needless with the winds blowing between 40 - 50 miles an hour they gave up and came home early. So now I have the camera back and I can commence taking pictures of my layouts again. Here are the two I did this past weekend. The "love this girl" layout is a scraplift of Lisa Dickinson. Love her layout!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Exercising my Civic Duty and Scrap

Thank goodness the election is over for another 4 years and we can get back to political free zones. I voted and am grateful that I live in a country that lets me exercise that freedom. Now on to the fun stuff!  Since I got to stay home today I spent my time scrapping again. It helps keep me out of the kitchen and the food. In fact it is becoming one of my weight loss tools. I can't scrap with messy hands that is for sure and I don't want to start something, quit to eat, and then come back to finish. I like striking while the mojo is hot! This will be a weekend to myself so I will be trying to do a little organizing but face it.....I will be scrapping!

Here is one of Lily and a picture that I love. for scrapbooking classes, videos and a wonderful good time

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday digi-Scrap 2

Todays post includes an explanation for the name for my blog. It is the story of the Hollow tree. The images were freebies from a blog I used to read and the designer's name is Angelique. Love her work.

This page is about my Grandma and Grandpa Buchanan. This is the only evidence that they were close. It wasn't done to show affection so this was a rare shot. It is also the story of their meeting for the first time in an insane asylum. She was a nurse and he was a cook at the Osawatomie State Hospital.  Thus it is  titled Crazy in Love.

This is a part of the class taken for for her digi-in-deep class. I love her layouts and it is so easy to understand finally the concept of digital scrapping. I can't wait to do more but it will have to wait a bit as I finish up the classes I have going on. That is the beauty of digi scrapping, you can do a little or a lot, get partially finished with a project and it doesn't get ruined waiting for your return, on your desk with the possibility of bent corners or something marring the surface. It is just waiting for you on your hard drive (backed up on an external harddrive for good measure).

Have a great week!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Moody layouts and other Saturday fun

First of all Happy Birthday to my oldest, Jennifer, who is celebrating her 40th birthday! Today I spent some time with her and Lily while my son-in-law was busy passing his boom truck certification...way to go Jamie!

I scrapped a rather moody layout for my remix class and was amazed that even though the pictures are bright, the mood of the layout is rather somber from the colors to the subdued layout. It reflects a time of our lives when we lived in Las Vegas and it kicked our collective butts! We made it out alive thanks to the tenacity of our family.

 The other layout is a challenge on 2peas for the Glitter Girl challenge to use ribbons on our layouts. This is so far out of my comfort zone but I love how it turned out, no distressing, inking or vintage in sight.

Well on to scrap some more and tomorrows digi-Sunday layouts!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Online Scrapbook Classes and how I see it.

I LOVE to take scrapbook classes and would take them at my LSS as often as I could sometimes doing 5 or 6 a month. I loved the camaraderie and what I would learn. I miss having them and jumped into the online classes with both feet. I have experienced really wonderful classes and some not so good. I am going to review the wonderful. is a wonderful resource for paper and glue scrapping. Shimelle presents classes in a logical and cohesive manner with a lot of fun and encouragement. She explains her concepts, shows examples and STRESSES not to stress over the hobby and to let go and have fun. I have used so much of my "stash" watching her videos and have managed to create more layouts in a week than in 3 years of hiatus and before.  In fact it was her cohort Glitter Girl that got me scrapping again.....just too much fun for me to miss out on. 
What makes her classes impactful are the PDF's accompanied by videos of her own and inspiration from outside sources that she willingly shares.Her classes are priced so well that I can afford to take them often.  She truly loves this craft and would do it happily even if she weren't such a great instructor and that kind of authenticity can't be beat. is the first online course I have ever done and it was because she offered a free class that was advertised on 2peas. It peaked my interest and I signed up. This is the most professional of video websites out there and Jessica makes it easy to understand the world of digital scrapping. I had Adobe Elements loaded on my computer and opened the program only to stare at it in fear and trepidation. It was only in taking these courses that I was able to understand how to preserve my memories digitally. Class kits and pdf's along with video lessons for each step accompany some of the most reasonably priced classes in the market. She offers both digital and non digital scrapping classes as well as photo editing, photography, and silhouette instruction. They are definitely value packed. is another digital online course that is one of the industry leaders for this genre. I love the classes there given by Renee Pearson, Tiffany Tillman, and one I took from Anna Aspnes. The content was well thought out with PDF's accompanying video plus a couple of chats per class. The kits offered were beautiful and the information given was some I had not gotten anywhere else, coming at this from a different angle. I look forward to taking another class in the middle of this month with Tiffany. Once again it is value for the money. was a class that I won from website. I am not much of a card maker but once again we have value packed classes given by Jennifer Mcguire and Kristine Werner. PDFs along with videos made for wonderful classes. They would give their own spin on a topic and then they invited along experts in the field to do a video to accompany their own. It was cool getting several ideas on one subject. I would like to do another class there soon. 

All of these websites offer value for the price charged per class. They have an active community there to answer any questions and are sites that are not offering classes in conjunction with selling product. That I think truly make them education websites. That's not to say that  you can't purchase product on some of these websites or in the case of others links are offered, but the primary purpose that I can see is the desire to share their expertise in this craft we love. 

Thanks to all of them for enriching my life.