Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snowmageddon Revisited!

So last night we got round 2 of Snowmageddon. Just enough snow to cause all the schools to close, my son to be home from work, my husband not to be able to go to his job and me stuck here with dueling chefs with nothing but time on their hands. John-Paul decided he needed to bake some of the most buttery mouth watering shortbread cookies I have ever had. Then my husband gets it in his head that he needs to "make the donuts". So here I am the good little Weight Watcher that I am and I have just blown through 22 points..............so good! I have PL that I am working on and will get busy doing another layout for distraction. So what have you been up to during Snowmageddon?

Just a couple of pictures to give you a look see and what has shut Kansas City down!

 Have a great day and stay warm and toasty!

Friday, February 22, 2013


It snowed in Kansas City!!! It is really not all that rare, we are in the middle of the country for heavens sake, but in the last 2 years we have gotten a total of maybe 3 inches. That is until yesterday when we had SNOWMAGEDDON 2013!! We got a whopping 8-12 inches and people lost their minds. Non-stop coverage on the local news, so much so that they completely eliminated the national broadcast. They even had the sports guy out on one of the highways with his ruler measuring how deep the snow was.  Come on people, just because we have had a drought for the last couple of years, have you all completely forgotten the rest of the winters we have had. I have pictures of deeper snow from 5 years ago but to hear them tell it, it is the most we have ever had.

So what is a body to do.....stay in and scrap....spring! I thought I could do with a more springy day and subject matter. This picture is the garden spot at Wm. Jewell College. Love this! Think spring folks, thing SPRING!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Putting the "SCRAP" back into scrapbooking!

I have been on a cycle in scrapping for a week. I am scrapping scraps! I pulled out my Iris case which houses all my scraps and set it on my desk to pull from and to scrap a layout using only scraps. It was sort of a challenge to myself. Well 3 layouts later and I am still scrapping scraps!

I bought the MME Collectables collection at Archivers last week. I love the papers and have added them to my recent blog wins from Echo Park. I won 2 months in a row and received For the Recorded 2, both collections. Then I had bought 2 Authentique on sale collections. I am stocked for a while on paper when it is added to my stash. So why the scraps?

I have a case full and that is as far as I am willing to let it grow. We will be moving in slightly over a year and I am trying to get all of my supplies into a concise and managable amount. I don't like looking at all the clutter of the supplies so they must be hidden away since this will be in my living/dining room.

So back to the scraps. This is the first layout I had done using just scraps.....Love this picture of Logan and didn't want it to be overwhelmed with product.

I love this color combination and used it from the photo, how lucky was I that he was wearing this color combination. In addition to scrapping my scraps I am also trying to find a way to use older products in a modern way. The brads forming a partial circle, the conch pieces that are on the scalloped circles and from 7 year old product. The strip going across the whole page is to cover a mistake. I journaled on this layout and hated it....it looked awful. So I cut another piece of cardstock and pulled up all of the strips, glued it down and replaced them. Then I covered the seam with another strip.

This one is using black as a background. I now know that I am going to stick to the lighter backgrounds for my pages. I just like them better. Once again this is done from scraps that I used with my cameo to cut the arrows.

I cut the title "Girly" on my cameo and embossed it for a glittery, shiny effect. I love Lily Bee letter sticker sheets!!! I did the journaling on this page as a combination title and journaling using those stickers along with the Micheals brand stickers for the larger letters.

The last layout is done on kraft cardstock. I now think that white and kraft will be my go to when I want a solid background. I like using ledger and softer tone on tone papers for backgrounds also. I am experimenting with styles and how I use my supplies. I have never been one to use stickers. Even though that is what drew me into the craft......walls and walls of Mrs. Grossman stickers. I never used more than a couple of stickers. I also didn't use a lot of pre-made embellishments and usually did my own. So these are the left over stickers on the collection sheet from Bella Blvd.

I also crocheted the hearts on the layout. Once again a budget solution cause $3.99 for 4 from Bella Blvd was a bit steep when I could make them myself. Just 37 cents in embroidery floss and I get 5-6 in one color. I have probably close to 75 of them.....it gets addictive to make them. As was the feathers in the first layout. They were cut on my Cameo and I did several in various colors.

I would like for you to visit with Tammy at www.lifeinterruptedthenscrapped.blogspot.com for more inspiration. I love her work and have enjoyed being a classmate in Shimelles classes at www.Shimelle.com . Have a great week!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Playing Catch Up

I have been trying to play catch up this week in getting my photos and stuff together for recording the first month of Project Life. I have found a couple of things that I need to improve on for sure. I need more photos to have a variety to document and I need to vary my photos in a weeks layout. It ended up that the first week is documenting Weight Watchers and not much else even though I had new purchases from 2 peas and SimonSaysStamp, we had a family Christmas get together at Rose and Chucks and other things occured.

I have been participating in Pretty Paper Party at http://www.Shimelle.com and loving it. I haven't been as active as I would have wanted because 2 days after the start of this class, John's mom passed and we were busy with the funeral and wake. I generally just didn't feel it and wanted to respect my feelings of sadness at Mary's passing. She was a lovely lady, mother of 9, grandmother, great grandmother and great-great grandmother. Her husband, Harold, passed 2 years prior and they are now together in heaven.

So now I will show the page I have done for several of the topics in Pretty Paper Party:

I made the ribbon roses using a technique that Shimelle shared in one of the Glitter Girl episodes. I will be using this technique again. I also used a doily cut from my Cameo that I cut in half and used on the flap of a vellum envelope that contains hidden journaling. The journaling talks about my vanity ( I didn't realize I had any) and how I am not thrilled with any pictures of myself, thus the filmstrip and camera washi tapes.

This a a picture of the ribbon roses that I love. Now I have to buy pink satin ribbon to use in these, as well as some in yellow and maybe white. Making my own embellishments allows me to stretch my scrapping budget. Have a great week everyone!