Friday, February 22, 2013


It snowed in Kansas City!!! It is really not all that rare, we are in the middle of the country for heavens sake, but in the last 2 years we have gotten a total of maybe 3 inches. That is until yesterday when we had SNOWMAGEDDON 2013!! We got a whopping 8-12 inches and people lost their minds. Non-stop coverage on the local news, so much so that they completely eliminated the national broadcast. They even had the sports guy out on one of the highways with his ruler measuring how deep the snow was.  Come on people, just because we have had a drought for the last couple of years, have you all completely forgotten the rest of the winters we have had. I have pictures of deeper snow from 5 years ago but to hear them tell it, it is the most we have ever had.

So what is a body to do.....stay in and scrap....spring! I thought I could do with a more springy day and subject matter. This picture is the garden spot at Wm. Jewell College. Love this! Think spring folks, thing SPRING!!!


  1. This is a beautiful garden layout.

  2. this layout is gorgeous!! and so are the flowers in the photos!!