Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snowmageddon Revisited!

So last night we got round 2 of Snowmageddon. Just enough snow to cause all the schools to close, my son to be home from work, my husband not to be able to go to his job and me stuck here with dueling chefs with nothing but time on their hands. John-Paul decided he needed to bake some of the most buttery mouth watering shortbread cookies I have ever had. Then my husband gets it in his head that he needs to "make the donuts". So here I am the good little Weight Watcher that I am and I have just blown through 22 points..............so good! I have PL that I am working on and will get busy doing another layout for distraction. So what have you been up to during Snowmageddon?

Just a couple of pictures to give you a look see and what has shut Kansas City down!

 Have a great day and stay warm and toasty!


  1. Love the photos!! Stay warm and tell those duling chefs to make healthy low point snacks for you!!!

  2. Oh my stay safe, and the food sounds lovely..like the idea of scrapping for distraction and not being distracted by scrapping :)