Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Company and a little controversy

First off let me show you my newest layout. I did this layout starting with a white background, the drawn heart and the chevron arrow. I wasn't sure where I was going with this but love where it ended up. The layout was created solely with the color of the photo in mind. That and I love me some turquoise and green together. As I describe what I used I will be touching on the topic at hand.

The banner under the photo is of course Color Magic by Heidi Swapp that I bought at Micheals ( the boys store aka on 2peas ) along with the mist that I purchased there. Oh and I think the doilies were purchased there. The heart alpha was purchased at TJ Maxx for a deeply discounted price. I made the crocheted hearts . A lot of these supplies were raked to me from another pea that is from LA. The background paper from MME and the tab were from her. The turquoise heart is a wood veneer from Trees to Treasure Inc. I think they are out of Canada (edited to be a company out of Southern California, don't know how I came up with Canada), but I am not certain. All I know is that they create quality product to order and ship in an amazing time frame so that it was in my hot little hand before I knew it. Wood Veneers . I love the purchase I made with them and will be doing so again. There is no way to convey how pretty that heart is with the treatment I did on it. I first put a little color shine (Tropicana Teal) on a sponge and wiped it on the heart. Because these are wood veneers it was a little dark for my taste so I took some Mr. Huey's white and put a little on my finger and wiped it all over the first layer. The wood grain shows through but in a beautiful turquoise finish.

 I purchased a lot of my other supplies from Archivers and 2peas in a bucket. My point is that even though we post our finds on the 2 peas forum, I think it is safe to say we all purchase from there also.

It is the reason why I buy from 2 peas and remain loyal to them because I felt the freedom to share with fellow crafters the joy of the craft without being held back and having to watch every word uttered. If I find a great buy somewhere I want to share it so that others can experience the savings but also it enables me to use my scrappy $ wisely and make necessary purchases from 2 peas. Sometimes they just have what others don't. For example, I love the Maggie Holmes line and went to Archivers to see if they had it in stock ( 2 peas did not ). They had all but the 12 x 12 papers. I didn't buy any of it because it would seem to be counter-intuitive to do so if I need to fill a $50.00 order to get free shipping from 2peas. Why buy any of the other pieces in this line from anywhere else if I can't get the full package?  I would think we as scrappers would try to budget our money and our time wisely. I just happen to be lucky and have an Archivers and Micheals nearby. I can call and see if the items I want are in stock, if they will be carrying them and if I can purchase them all together or not. Another example of this is that Archivers will not be carrying any of the Webster Pages. I love this line and want to get it but that means my purchase will either have to be from 2peas or from Webster Pages itself. From what I could tell the manufacturer does not offer a break on the shipping as 2 peas does and that could sway my order, but if I am feeling like only my money is welcomed at 2 peas then I might look at this a different way.  All I am saying is " lighten up 2 peas" all the sharing of purchases is our way of using our $ wisely and making informed and smart purchases from you.


  1. Great layout. I love using the wood veneers too. Totally agree with you about the new TOU at 2 peas. I enjoy all the chatter about products people like and where they got them. But none of that has changed my purchasing from 2 peas. I don't have any local scrap stores around me and Mikes and AC Moore is 1 hour away, so most of my shopping is done at 2 peas. It's cheaper to buy everything at 1 place on line too, with free shipping. Hope 2 peas eases up.

  2. This is such a pretty layout! I love what you did to create the background!

  3. Hi Susan - I clicked on this from your post about paints and pretty papers and saw our wood veneer! Thank you so much for the kinds words. :) We are located in Southern California.
    Beautiful layout and I love all of the embellishments.
    I agree with you about 2Peas as well. It's been sad. The website change to bright white, the loyalty points fiasco and now the way too strict TOU. It doesn't feel like "home" anymore. I hope they do lighten up.

    1. I corrected that and thanks for letting me know.....don't know where I came up with Canada!