Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Card and First Communion

I was asked by my hubby to make a card for Sister Vicki's birthday later this month. I am not a card maker. I don't do well with cards and those that make them have a special talent for doing so. I just find that creating on such a small canvas to be daunting. That said I actually like how this one turned out, of course that is after I cut the cupcake out of a couple of different papers that I ended up hating. I love my Cameo and it makes it easier to make cards....I don't have to worry about buying embellishments that will look right on the front, just make my own and size to order.

John took Mia home from spending the weekend with us. We took her to see Oz The Great and Powerful on Friday night, complete in 3D with the glasses, popcorn and Dr. Pepper. It was a cute movie and the 3D effects were some of the best I have seen. The sky full of spears coming at me actually made me duck! When he took her home they had Mia try on her first communion dress complete with veil and this is the resulting image:

Pretty cute I would say! The cross necklace is one they made in religion class and they brought home the base for the banner they have to make. John and I went to get the felt needed to make the embellishments for the banner and I guess this week we will be working on this because Mia is out for spring break and will be staying with us!

Have a great week.......oh by the way the posts recently have been getting blurry as a result of my aging eyes and the fact that I didn't have the lens to the camera all the way on. No wonder everything was so blurry and I couldn't get a good focus. It is all good as I am getting my glasses next week. I had the exam and nothing is wrong with my eyes that old age and lenses for astigmatism won't cure.


  1. Great card! Love the banners and the fun cupcake! :)

  2. Very pretty card!!
    I really want to see that movie and am glad it is getting good reviews :)

  3. Such a pretty card! I love how you "sprinkled" the frosting with bling. :)

  4. Your card came out how you added an embossed layer. and the sprinklers are perfect.

    1. It wasn't until I posted the card that I was able to see what was bugging me about this card. I liked it but something was off......I matted the white embossed layer with the same color paper as the darker green in the cupcake paper. It is so much better! I may post another picture.