Monday, April 22, 2013

I am getting Smart!

I ordered my first ever Smart phone today from HSN (cheaper) which is a Samsung Galaxy Sll 4G

Then I hopped on eBay and bought a couple of cases for luck I would drop it coming out of the box!

This case is going to be for Spring and Summer because I love the white background and we all remember the old white after Labor Day.

This will be my Fall and Winter case. If you notice I seem to be harkening back to the 60's with 21st century technology! Of course pink is in the mix and the only thing to make this better would be if they made these in aqua!

I also have a few photos to share of my granddaughter, Mia's first Holy Communion.

Mia being given communion by her Papa who was an ordained deacon ( he still is just retired from it).

Monsigneur Mancuso asking Mia questions, Mia by the Crucifix, Mia by the Blessed Virgin, talking to her best buddy, Sister Vicki, and her cake at the reception. We had a great time and were blessed that Mia's great-Aunt, Carol, was in town from Texas and played the piano and sang. She has such a beautiful voice (studied Opera) and is the Liturgical Minister of Music at her church. Mia's great-Aunt Eileen was there from St. Louis, her great-Uncle Patrick and his new bride Lisa another great-Aunt came to be with us also. They live nearby and had a wonderful wedding and reception just about 6 weeks ago. We had the mass and communion at Our Lady of Mercy Country Manor, a retirement community, where John's parents lived. This was planned while John's mother was still alive but sadly she passed a few months ago. The people at the Manor are like family and Mia has visited with everyone since she was a baby. It just made sense. We have had a wedding, 2 baptisims, and now a 1st Holy Communion there and the residents like celebrating with us. Everyone was in town for the inurnment of his mother the day before so those that could stayed and celebrated with us. Mia's cousin James had his 1st communion at another church in town and her great-Aunt Peggy was there (James is her grandson) but joined all of us at lunch after the reception at Brava restaurant. My daughters Jennifer and Susie took care of the reception and it was lovely. They are such a good bunch, how did I get so lucky! I got a picture of the 3 of them together, Samantha, Jennifer, and Susie with their heads together over the cake. I wish I would have gotten a picture of them all together!

Have a great week and eat cake!!!

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