Friday, May 3, 2013

Lots of stuff goin' on!

It is amazing to me how  much we have going on and yet not so much? I know that doesn't make sense of course. I have been getting all kinds of goodies in the mail and from UPS. Painting rooms or at least that was the plan before the rain and cold weather. I am trying to spruce up the house and mother nature is not co-operating with me at all. I did get a dresser painted and it looks beautiful if I do say so myself. I saw a dresser on the cover of HGTV magazine and loved it and the color so I went to my local Lowes and picked a paint and a spray paint for the hardware and spent the day doing this. And as we know it took forever to dry.....rainy day.

Then we had the excitement of the neighbors house on fire.....crazy! At least I can say this for the Liberty Fire Dept., they all show up and do an excellent job of controlling the situation. Luckily for the neighbors it was contained in the garage and didn't spread any further than needing to replace some siding and the inside ceiling of the garage. 


  1. Love the dresser!!!! I am an avid fan of redoing furniture (often to family members chagrin) and absolutely can't wait to put one of these in Gigi's room!

  2. Love the color, and the hardware pops in a great way! It makes me want to give this a try!