Friday, June 28, 2013

Heritage pages and the beginning of Summer.

It is nearly the end of June and summer is upon us with all the hot weather and general yuckiness that goes along with it. It is not my favorite weather wise for sure because I seek refuge in the house not venturing out often. I would be happy with a year round spring/fall temperature.

I have been scrapping heritage photos lately. I have a huge box of pictures and decided to scrap the originals of these. I can't see reproducing these to scrap when I want to find a way to lessen the shear volume of pictures.

The first layout is one I did celebrating my love of dance. I used to take dance lessons and it is what I lived for on a Saturday morning. When I was not yet 4 we went on vacation to California and stayed with my Uncle Don, Aunt Julie, and cousins Scott and Mindy. We went to Disneyland, the beach and played with all the neighborhood children. In the b & w photos I am attempting to teach them all to dance but I first needed them to line up. I was little miss bossy pants and not successful. The only way they lined up was my mother asking them to so she could take a picture. The color photo is of me right before my recital. My mother sewed all my costumes and sewed on by hand each sequin one at a time. Very tedious work but really pretty.

The next layout is one of me in 1951, just a few weeks old. We spent our summers in the back yard under the huge shade tree in my grandmothers back yard. It was in the garden filled with lilacs, peonies, roses, daylilies, iris, and petunias. The eclectic mix of metal, wood, and wicker made a charming and magical place they and later me could escape the heat with a glass of ice tea or lemonade. They moved from that house when I was 8 or 9 and I missed the garden but know that it helped to fuel my love of gardening.

Have a great summer and stay cool!! I will be inside scrapping away and trying to get the heritage photos under control.


  1. Loved your layouts..hertiage photos are so much fun, lucky you!

  2. these are great, i always have trouble with hertiage photos, but you did a rockin job!

  3. Utterly agree about the weather... who ever heard of having MS in Florida? The other day the temp was 90, but because our ground is still saturated from all the rain, the heat index from the humidity was 108... what up with that? A sheer sauna!
    Love the layouts!! The tree was awesome.awesome.awesome. You've inspired me to go work on my 'heritage' stuff (that needs to be done by Christmas!), but finally having sunshine out the window makes me want to do those vacay pics and PRETEND I'm outside. - I'm so torn!!! You're killing me!