Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Speaking of Heritage Photos.....

I have a dauggertype of my great grandmother F. Cornelia Carter that my dad had in his possessions and couldn't find. Luckily, after he passed, my brother, Duane, found it and gave it to me. I finally got it scanned so that I could see her face more clearly with my poor old tired eyes. I need to do a little more tweaking in Photoshop to get it a little lighter but for now I can finally see her face. It is exciting to know that this woman whos very existence was only known from the copy of her marriage license now has a face and luckily I have a couple of locks of her hair braided. She had a very light brown/dark blonde hair and I imagine blue eyes ( almost all of the Buchanans had blue eyes except me and Stephen). For having lived only 21 years.....she made a big impact on me and my quest to find out more about my family.

Her name is F. Cornelia Carter and my grandfather Leether Lee Buchanan is on her lap. She was pregnant and it was in childbirth that she lost her life as well as one of the twins immediately and then the other either 3 min., 3 hrs., or 3 days later.  Leether was brought up by his father Rev. James Ephrim Lee Buchanan a circuit riding Methodist Minister and his maiden aunt Permilla Catherine Buchanan.

I want to scrap this picture so that it can be preserved in an album and I can put the dauggertype away so that it can be passed on to others to have. I just have to find papers worthy of this photo...ones that are soft and do justice to the age of the picture.

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