Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to all of you (who am I kidding no one reads this) and a long and prosperous life to come.

This year I am not doing resolutions. It is maddening to me to find myself a failure at just a week or two out from the start of a new year. Instead I will be participating in the OLW (One Little Word) project. This is a word that you choose to be your mantra for the year, something that speaks to you or an area that you feel you need improvement. My OLW is Present. I am sadly lacking in being present in my own life. Time slips by so fast and I can't recall anything productive that I have done or what has happened in this time period. Sad really, if you think about it. My life is much ado about nothing...at least the way I have been living it. So I am going to couple that with PL (project life) and record and document my life for a year. Hopefully this will gently force me to show up in my life and be an active participant instead of letting time fly by.

This photo was taken in Erieau, Ontario Canada on vacation with my daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter. It was the one time I felt totally present in the moment and can remember with clarity the entire vacation. I love that feeling and it is something I want to experience more of. I also added the frame in a class I took at http://www.jessicasprague.com .  I love learning about new things and the digital world will definitely play a part in my paper and glue scrapping.

I haven't formally joined any scrapbook club or blog offering project life guidance or goodies. I decided I would do this on my own and see how easy or hard it will be. I did download some free project life goodies from http://www.cathyzielske.typepad.com  that will be helpful in getting a head start. I will also be looking for other free goodies to use in conjunction with my own stash to keep this going. Taking a few pictures a week and keeping records daily will help keep me PRESENT in my own life.

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